What is business operations?


Business operations are the daily activities that organizations conduct in order to make profits. Successful business operations are characterized by increased profits. The main aim of starting up any business is to make profits, according to the business operations manager at Auto Towing. Business operations should aim at all times to cut costs and increase profits. They involve the processes of a product or service before reaching its consumer who is the customer.

Business operations development drawing

Business operations cover a broad area that requires a business owner to have certain qualities such as dedication and hard work for them to be achieved successfully. A product has to go through certain stages from manufacturing, accounting to the marketing of the product.

Manufacturing a product

Manufacturing is an operation that involves turning of raw materials to final consumable products. It involves searching for quality raw material from reliable suppliers. Due to this, it will help improve the quality of the final product which helps sufficiently satisfy the needs of the customers. This helps retain and attract more customers of the product which therefore leads to increased sales. This leads to increased profits and continuous manufacturing of the product. The manufacturing process has its own costs. Labor, power, and transportation of the raw materials are some of the factors that cause a business to spend its capital. Resources at this stage need to be utilized efficiently as well as avoid misuse.


Marketing is a very important business operation that helps create awareness of products or services to consumers. Different products and services can be marketed differently according to consumer-targeted. It involves mainly the advertisement for a product or services. It is important to create good relations with customers to have a competitive market advantage over a competitor. For marketing to be a success conduct research on the target group which helps identify the right channel to use.


Accounting involves a constant review of books of account. A business should account for expenses in other business operations. This helps the business identify areas to invest more and where to cut on expenses. A business should have a running department that helps monitor the business transactions and at least conduct annual auditing.

Ways of improving the performance of business operations

To improve the performance of business operations, businesses have to conduct performance reviews. This shows continuous monitoring that helps increase accountability and hard work. This helps increase sales of products and services which leads to increased profits to the organization. Business operations require efficiency to avoid wastages and increased profits.

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