Tips to Correct Posture for Playing the Piano

When playing the piano, you have to make sure you show proper posture when practicing the piano. Improper posture can cause muscle pain so your body becomes more rigid that you also cannot play the work well. You can take lessons like the piano lessons dallas to help you know the right posture to play the piano. Here are some of the tips to correct your posture:

– Adjust your pelvic position parallel to the middle C key.
– Sit up straight. Do not tilt your body toward/away from the keys.
– Relax your body. Do not practice with a stiff body.
– Make sure your fingers are slightly bent downwards (keys), just like when you hold an apple. Do not position your finger perpendicular to the keys. Also, do not bend your finger upwards.
– If you are just playing the piano, watch your little finger. For beginners, sometimes the position of the little finger is higher than the position of the other finger. Keep the little finger of both hands in the same position with the other fingers. At first, you may need to practice this, but keep practicing until your pinkie naturally is in the right position.