Term in Civil Lawsuit

Do you have a case of Valeant Shareholder Lawsuit? To find out, you can visit our website. In the Contentious Lawsuit or better known as the Civil Lawsuit, which means a lawsuit containing disputes between the litigants. Known terms of the parties involved in a Civil Lawsuit are:


1. Plaintiff

In the Civil Procedure Code, the person who feels his right infringed is referred to as the Plaintiff. If in a Claim there are many Plaintiffs, it is referred to in its lawsuit with “Plaintiffs”.

2. Defendants

A defendant is a person who has been withdrawn to the Court because he/she has violated the rights of the Plaintiff. If in a Claim there are many parties being sued, then such parties are called; Defendant I, Defendant II, Defendant III and so on.

3. Accused by Defendant

The Party declared as Defendant is used for persons who do not control the dispute or are not obliged to do anything. However, for the sake of a suit, they must be included. In the execution of the sentence of the judge’s decision, the Defendant did not participate in carrying out the sentence severed for the Defendant, but only submitting to and obeying the contents of the decision.

4. Plaintiff / Intervening Defendant

Persons who feel they have an interest in existing civil cases may apply to be withdrawn in the process of examining such civil cases commonly referred to as Interventions. Intervention is a legal act by a third party who has an interest in the lawsuit by being involved or involved by one of the parties in an ongoing civil case. The Intervention Party may act as an Intervening Plaintiff or as an Intervening Defendant.

In a civil suit, the person acting as the Plaintiff must be a person of the right capacity according to law. Likewise, to determine the Defendant, must have a legal relationship with the Plaintiff in the civil suit lawsuit filed. The mistake of acting as the Plaintiff or the Defendant may result in the lawsuit containing formal defects. Formal defects in determining the Plaintiffs or Defendants are called Error in persona.